Nobuhle - Yellow
Nobuhle - Yellow

Nobuhle - Yellow

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Name: My name is Nobuhle, which means "The One That Represents Beauty" in Zulu. 

Height: I am 20 inches tall (50cm)

Hair: I have 4c afro textured hair, which can be combed, braided, washed and conditioned

Scent: I smell of vanilla 

Clothing: I come dressed in:

  • A Pink, Yellow or Orange Princess Dress (afro print top may differ from the picture depending on stock availability)
  • Hair accessory 
  • White underwear
  • Shoes 

Accessories: You can shop for more of my clothes and accessories under the Bontle & Rainbow Nation Clothing, as we wear the same size.

 We will try our best to give you your first choice of colour, subject to availability. 

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